Larry Baker has lived in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area his entire life. He started drawing at the young age of 7. He started taking lessons in high school and continued drawing after high school until his dad passed away when he was around 24 years old. His dad was a big supporter of his art and after his dads untimely death; Larry lost all interest in drawing. It was years later that his love for art came back thanks to an app called America’s Top Artist. The app allowed others in the art community to show and vote for work submitted by artists from all around the country. Larry submitted 8 pictures in 2012 and all 8 were in the top ten until 2014 when the contest ended. The media used in all of his artwork is pencil colors, magic marker and acrylic paints.
In 1975 Larry was playing around with a protractor, doodling on paper and ended up creating a character that would later become the inspiration for his artwork going forward. He called this character a Glump and had it copyrighted in 1979. He has created an entire story around his Glump and has even added other characters to accompany him. Within his artwork you will also find some of Larry’s favorite places, people, pets and numbers. Larry loves to put his favorite Disney ride: the Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland into as many of his drawings as he can, try and see how many you can spot throughout his pictures? Larry’s favorite numbers are 12 and 13, and you will see Larry paying tribute to his Dad, friends, and pets, some hidden, some not. Art Westport will mark Larry’s first appearance in an art show and he is really excited to share his creation and art with the rest of the world and is thrilled to debut it in Westport, a wonderful, thriving entertainment district in Kansas City, Mo.